A large network to find your ideal property 

For you to become the owner of your ideal property, our experts will do everything possible using their network. 

An extensive customer support

You will be  accompanied through your purchasing process with our Part'Immo expert that will attentively listen and advise you.

Easier steps 

We are putting at your disposition a large panel of services to ease your transaction. Help with moving companies, partnership in mortgage broker and loan insurance...

A safe environment

Our Part'Immo advisor work is covered by a clearance certificate and is trained continuously to reach higher quality and our client satisfaction. 

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Buying process with Part’immo

Trust, serenity and safety !


Contact a Part’Immo expert and we set together parameters for your


Meet with my Part’Immo advisor.


Visit a selection of properties


Make an offer for the property of my choice


Preliminary purchase agreement and signing of the deed.  


Get the keys to my new property 

Estimation of my monthly payment 

You are considering buying a fixer-upper? 

Never underestimate the construction prices. Be careful and always predict more budget. Especially if you plan on purchasing “old” and desire a complete renovation.  

Do not hesitate to get many quotes. Be very careful, it is very important to look after the advancement of the constructions.  

The construction can be a nuisance for your neighbors. In case of disputes, you may be required to pay compensation. Therefore do not forget to inform them about the progress of constructions and prepare them for any discomfort. Try to reassure them, by playing the transparency card and by communicating details and the time frame of the construction. You can also have a bailiff’s report drawn up before the beginning. These are additional expenses, but they can help you avoid serious consequences in case of conflict. 

From the beginning, think about integrating the ancillary costs into the amount of your project. This could be, for example, the rent you will have to pay temporarily during the construction period, or the cost of a storage facility. Do not forget the cost of connecting to the utility network.